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Most people go to their dentist every six months for regular checkups and the occasional filling. But in cases of accident, injury, or infection, you might find yourself in need of emergency dental services.

Expression Dental in Mountain View, California, offers same-day appointments to provide immediate treatment for people who are in severe pain or who need an urgent tooth repair. For patients who have already made Expression Dental their home, Dr. Silvers will even come in after hours for emergencies.

Dr. Silvers has extensive experience with emergency dentistry, having worked at an emergency dental clinic and as an emergency on-call dental assistant in a hospital while she served in the Army. Over the years, she has seen it all. She has treated broken teeth, infections, abscesses, knocked-out teeth, and dental injuries caused by motorcycle and car accidents, frisbee accidents, and even bowling pin accidents.

No matter your situation, you’ll be in good hands at Expression Dental.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is considered a dental emergency?

You might need to seek emergency dental services if you are in severe pain or have pain that is constant or throbbing, have a tooth that is chipped, broken, or knocked out, or if your gums are bleeding heavily. Most of the time, people are good judges of whether they need to be seen right away, so trust your instincts and call Expression Dental if you suspect you might need emergency care. Some conditions that could constitute an emergency that patients might not be aware of include bumps on the gums that look a pimple, red or white changes on the tongue, lips, gums, or inside of their cheeks that don’t go away and don’t have an obvious cause.

What kind of emergency treatments does Expression Dental offer?

Dr. Silvers and the team at Expression Dental offer a wide range of emergency dental services. These include same-day crowns, extractions, fillings, tooth repair, and root canals. Their priority is to get patients out of immediate pain, and they provide definitive treatment that same day whenever possible. If complete treatment isn’t possible due to medical complications, time constraints, or the need for a specialist, Dr. Silvers will still see you to provide palliative care and partial treatment that same day to get you on the road to recovery.

How should I prepare for an emergency dental appointment?

Dr. Silvers recommends that you don’t take pain medication right before coming in for emergency dental care, because it can complicate diagnosis and treatment, masking symptoms and making it more difficult to determine which tooth is a problem or which treatment is needed. If you have a tooth that has been knocked out, time is of the essence, so call the office right away and get in as soon as possible. The team will give you advice on the best ways to care for the tooth while you travel to the office for your appointment.

How do you make treatment available in cases of dental emergency?

We leave space in the schedule every day so that we can accommodate emergency appointments. We respect your time and work hard to run all appointments on time, but please keep in mind that, if you are coming in for an emergency appointment, we are working you in to an already busy schedule and there may be a bit more of a wait than usual. For existing patients, Dr. Silvers makes herself available 24-7 for serious emergencies. Call our regular office number for instructions on where to call if you are experiencing an after-hours emergency.

Can new patients make an emergency dental appointment at Expression Dental?

Yes, we will see new patients for emergencies during regular hours. This is a comprehensive care clinic, so in an emergency, we will get you out of pain and take care of the immediate problem, but we’ll also make sure you’re healthy and will establish a baseline for longer-term care.

What should I expect at an emergency dental appointment?

Dr. Silvers and the caring team at Expression Dental will go the extra mile to make you comfortable, relieve your pain, and rescue your smile as soon as possible. Dr. Silvers uses a gentle touch and will anesthetize the affected area if needed for your comfort. Whenever possible, she will treat the issue completely during a same-day appointment. In cases where further diagnosis is needed or specialist services are recommended, she will treat your pain and create a comprehensive treatment plan for you right away.

Do emergency dental services cost more than a regular appointment?

At Expression Dental, charges for dental services are the same whether you are being seen during a regularly scheduled appointment or on an emergency basis. There is an after-hours fee for emergency appointments that happen outside of normal business hours.

Does insurance cover emergency dental appointments?

Insurance coverage for dental care is the same whether it is an emergency or regularly scheduled treatment. If your visit is scheduled outside of regular office hours there may be an additional charge for an after-hours visit. This additional fee is not typically covered.

How do I schedule an emergency dental appointment?

The best way to schedule an appointment is to call the general office number: (650) 967-1075.

the most patient, kind, thoughtful and understanding staff i have ever met. first time having a procedure with dr. silver and she did not disappoint. i recommend everyone i can to this office.


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